Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horse arrrh! Mustang orrrh .... Mule .....ohhhh ....Donkey ... LOL

Today is the first day of Bursa KLSE trading. Market kick off with a bang! Or back kick by the horse!

Hmmm.... all you read is HORSE... HORSE ... HORSE....wooden horse .... golden horse .... dead horse .... maybe horny horse! Due to the poor English vocabulary, all you end up hearing is horse.

To the learned they will be able to tell you the difference between a horse and a mule or donkey. Those who explore a bit further will tell you there is MUSTANG! Have you hear of Ford Mustang! I have rented one before 20+ years ago in New York.

Well .... We will see if this year is a HORSE, MUSTANG, MULE or DONKEY. Some might think they are the same. But they are not!

Your performance will tell if you are a horse, mustang, mule or donkey! Enjoy the endless opportunities in markets       

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