Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Saturday, September 3, 2016


If we talk to anyone who has vested interest in equities or futures market, all we can hear is are following:

1. Is this the level (price) to sell?
2. Is this the level (price) to buy?
3. What is a good price?

How often do we hear the following:


TIME! Yes, this is the most critical component that nearly almost no one ever consider the importance of timing.

All the people in the "fraternity" never talks about TIME!!!

I do not understand why no one that I know even bother to ask TIME. I guess no one even bothers to consider the importance of TIME.

Maybe due to the fact that people in general are brain washed that one can't time the market successfully and consistently.

For it is written in the Bible ..THE IS A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING or more simply, there is a time for everything.

We often hear this statement - WHEN the time is ripe, everything will fall in places.

As I ponder over all the different "wisdoms" and "sayings" over the years over the last weeks, I reflected upon this words for encouragement as I move up and on to the next phase of my trading journey.

It is time for me catapult to the next level and it is NOW. It is time for me be reminded that the OCEAN is wide and waiting for me to sail.

I trust market will continue to teach and guide me in the years to come and time will be my light.

Good luck and Happy Trading.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Points to wonder or ponder!!!

Market is all about PERCEPTION (OPINIONS) and REACTIONS. We have BREXIT causing much anxiety to the CURRENCY markets. Now that there is no more excitement, we are back to USA and Interest Rates.

Bursa KLSE as expected is a MUTED affair and that is going to be that way for a long time to come. Actions remained in the COMMODITIES market and this will be the arena for thrill seekers.

We are through mid-way 2016 heading to the end and looking forward to 2017.

Global economy is not performing with all the QEs and not surprising given that this easing benefits the financial institutions initially failing to trickle down the the masses.

Is the economy on a stronger footing since 2008-2009? Is the inflation tame despite the reasonably low commodities prices? Are job opportunities abundant? Job seeking workers? Or the reverse?

Despite all the BS we read in media, things are NOT WELL!!! Rate cuts didn't stimulate growth and jobs!!! Infact, all went the opposite!!!!

Good Luck and all the best for the rest of the year and the years to come!!!!!  


Thursday, May 12, 2016

TIMING - That is the NAME of the GAME

Looking back, it is my 24 years swimming in the markets. It has been a long journey and enjoying every moments learning new things along the way. The more I learn the more I conclude the whole game is about TIMING.

In fact this game is about CYCLE and cycle is timing! As long as the trend is NOT ripe for a rise, it will remain lack luster. When it is time to take off, the time is ripe, the trend will move irrespective of whatever news hit the market. When it is not time for the trend to end or reverse, every correction will be succeeded by higher high!!! Well the reverse is also true.

Forget the Bull SHIT story you will read or hear from the grapevine or news. A trend in motion will need a strong force to alter the direction. When the time is ripe for a change, change it will come even without any news! This is the beauty of market.

But as human, one will only scout and busy looking for news to try justify and explain the actions. I mean ACTIONS OF THE PAST!!!!

Let me be more blunt. Trend will move between HIGH and LOW as long as there are interests of buying and selling. This HIGH and LOW oscillation exists whether you or me are in the market. It will continue to alternate between HIGH and LOW. Yes sometimes, we experience EXTENDED move but this is not INFINITY move. It will reach a point and it will change. An extended move indicate the TIME is not ripe for a change.

YES, it is all about when the TREND is RIPE for a change and like Durian, when it is ripe, it will fall. Try eat unripe durian, see what happens!   

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The SECRET SYSTEM... a consideration.

Why are market participants very preoccupied to PREDICTING market? The levels market will reach, the turning points and most of all the ego stroking and chest beating that he or she can PREDICT the market. Do we or Can we seriously make money consistently predicting markets?

The key reason one is so dam adamant about predicting market is EGO. Predicting market is SEXY.

I had my fair share of hits and misses predicting markets. Depending on the techniques or approach, one will swear ... THIS IS IT THIS TIME!!!

An IDEAL system is RELIABLE and delivering consistent profits EVERYTIME. An ideal system should remove emotion from your decision making. A ideal system must be easy to follow and simple.

IF one can develop an IDEAL system, it should work across all time frame and all products.

This IDEAL system should have the ability to tell you the TREND DIRECTION and desirably measure the TREND momentum. Is the trend gaining momentum, holding or losing momentum?

Once you have develop this IDEAL PERFECT system, what is the highest time frame that you will use to determine the "HIGHER/LONG TERM TREND"? The volatility noises resulted from "LOWER/SHORTER TERM TREND" represents scalping or quick draw opportunities.

Do you want to focus on the LONG Term Trend or seek thrill with the SHORT Term volatility?

It is highly unlikely someone will be very generous to reveal or bare their SYSTEM to you. Be serious who will share their secret formula and system with strangers!!!!

The hardest part is incorporating TREND ANATOMY into the system. Understanding the trend anatomy should place you ahead knowing what is next MOST LIKELY action.

Elliot Wave Theory attempts to ANATOMIZE the trend in a FIXED SEQUENCE. This is a very dangerous approach. The concept of trend anatomy is philosophically CORRECT but giving a fixed sequence to the trend is DANGEROUSLY FLAW.

IT is true each and every trend has certain behavioral patterns but NEVER fixed in price and time actions. Trend moves and behaves like SEA WAVES. The intensity will be different across different products depending on "INTERESTS".

In summary, market is dynamic, manifesting itself either as a tame or a dangerous creature. It is up to you to tame this creature or continue to battle with the dangerous creature.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


The global financial markets are in a complete confusion and not reacting to the supposedly funnymental actions. We will need more QE related events to cause currencies to strengthen. EURO n YEN ...QE events. Since the last talk of QE in Euro and Yen, these currencies have appreciated significantly. Similarly, after USD QE , the USD has appreciated versus the rest. Does it makes any sense if you abide by the economic financial theory????

The only commodity that has gained much over the last 3 month is GOLD. Well the bottomline is everything moves in cycle irrespective what BS hits the newswire. We can have a temporary diversion but it is only TEMPORARY before the prevalent major trend regain position.

How long can USD retreat before it regain its posture?What will happen to stocks? .... What will happen to the rest of the markets when USD regain strength?