Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What come out from your mouth ... is a representation of your .......... ????????

One of the things I learn over years is expression of your inner feelings. When we trade we are swarm with FEAR and CONFIDENCE. What comes out from our mouth reflect our FEAR and CONFIDENCE.

Do we put our FAITH and TRUST in our inner voice or our charts? Once you reach the highest  level, this inner voice of emotional hurricane will disappear.

Your chart is your light.

Your chart is your map.

Your chart is your friend.

Your chart is your partner.

This level is a level where you will trade NO MATTER WHAT CONDITIONS THE MARKET IS.

All you see is OPPORTUNITIES.



Our group of 12... can only understand how are we going  to exploit all the opportunities before our eyes.

All we know is we are enjoying ourselves in the market irrespective of market conditions.

The most satisfying part is all of us are making good monies trading.

If you are still fill with FEAR during a down trend, than you have not ascend beyond amateur freshie. You still got a long way to go.

One must step into the RING with Confidence and full of optimism. NOT FEAR.

We are warriors. We are trained warriors.

We are in there moving in the ring no matter what condition the market is experiencing. More precisely others are enduring 

We choose to enjoy our act in the ring and rewarded with profits.



Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Q1 2020 closing today ... tomorrow .. April 1 .. will it be April's fool ?????

Everyday is a new day. Today is not the same as yesterday and the opportunity tomorrow brings is not the same as today!!!!!

One of the biggest advantage of starting this game is ... I become old dog in the game faster than most amateur half past six who are so anxious seeking attention. When one is long enough in the game, one will start to appreciate to be a loner in the game and lots of free time to think the GAME.

More than 10 years ago, I penned down my accumulated experience in a short manual about the market in general and how to read the market. Today I finished the trend and how different time frames are correlated in trend developments.

There is no value added in preparing my own compilation for my own library if this observations and ideas can be readily picked up from books on the shelf. What I have manage to do is to find gaps and unanswered or applied trading techniques not available.

It is as good as my own 32 years experience in the journey as a seasoned old dog in this merciless game.

The conclusion is how to apply simple strategy and simple technique with minimal capital, minimal risk and maximum profits.

Nothing can and will be able to stop you from your destiny if you dare to dream.

The worst part is to see many CONman in the game pulling a fast one on public. There are many people without conscience spewing rubbish portraying as experienced player.

When a stocks fails to hold up in a down market despite the 1001 reasons why it went up, than you can throw these into the garbage list.

My 32 years observation only conclude by saying ....a rare stocks that did not go down in a down market need not be a super star in an up market. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Is the worst over for the financial markets? What is old dog take on this?

The Million dollar question in every financial market participant is ... HAVE WE SEEN THE WORST? IS IT OVER? SAFE TO BUY and HOW LOW CAN IT GO?

There are no straight and direct answers to the above questions lurking in your minds.

1. IF you buy into companies with decent financial state, than I can say the downside is MAXIMUM ZERO. On the same token if you buy into companies with problematic financial state, the downside is also MAXIMUM ZERO. The only difference is that one should try to identify companies that are unlikely to score maximum zero value. This is the only time one can find the financial analysis of the company comes in handy. Just simple and basic financial analysis to determine the viability is sufficient.

2. In every market trend, there are super stars stocks that buck the overall market down trends (the Composite Index barometer). Then there are Aspiring stars that merely perform slightly better then the overall market trends. There are Followers stocks that merely track the index.  With Under Performers that under peform the index in an uptrend. Finally the Rejects that need no explanation.     

3. Irrespective of what our beliefs or perceptions about the market situation, market will deliver the verdict sooner or later.

Old dog has lived this long in the market to see many things happening in global markets and Malaysia. I have stayed cash for quite a few years. Sure I seen some orgies over the last few years. Old dog says there is a time for everything. Last few years was the time for me to stay away, sit on cash, waiting for the durian to ripe and fall. Than waiting for durian auctions to get FREE 1 BUY1 promotion offer.

What tools or instruments do I use??? Nothing fancy. Just 32 years of experience and wisdom with my own judgment.

Of course there is no need for me to go round canvassing for fans. After all the saying goes, the empty vessel make the loudest noise.

I believe in my own SILVER bullet approach. When the time is ripe? ....The opportunity is right .....

p/s .. you can claim to be rich .... blah blah blah ... and how much you made from the market ... simply because the market ALLOWS you to profit from the uptrend. BUT if the same person blowing horns are also enjoying financial loss in a downtrend, than  this person is no different from the tom dick and harry or mary alice and betty on the street.

Unlike if this attention seeker is also insulated from the down trend better if can profit from a down trend.     

Thursday, March 26, 2020

What do you do in a time like this and a market like that????

Well, as I sit over one of the normal events in the financial markets, I see this as a NORMAL event simply because I seen quite a few over the last 32 years.

Yes, I  did make some coffee money for some 3rd liners in Bursa KLSE. Given that this is a NORMAL event to me, I am immune to such volatility.

Bursa KLSE has about 2,000 listed instruments and plenty of rubbish products. The challenge is to identify 20 products or instruments which is about 1% to trade.

I have my own listed of 20 listed stocks that I trade or bargain hunt when the TIME is right.

My emphasis is on TIME and less on price. When the TIME is RIPE and RIGHT, price is IMMATERIAL.  I have my benchmark level for the prices. But if the TIME is NOT RIGHT and NOT RIPE, whatever prices is not going to help me make money soonest.

When the price is right but the TIMING is out of sync be  prepared to hold and wait out till the trend has change in your favor. Make sure your pockets are deep and your mental is strong to weather the storm or turbulence.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

KLSE Reits .... Is it safer than Singapore REITS

Over the years, I learn to appreciate the beauty of long time frames. The above are some of the REITS in Bursa KLSE.

Again it shows when a market fall, nothing is insulated or protected.

Why my charts has no volume? If it is not there means it is NOT IMPORTANT and NOT Needed. Don't be a fool and follow blindly just because someone told you what the volume is suppose to be doing.

I have been trading for the last 30+ years without VOLUME  on my charts. Why would I add it now???

Do you think adding volume to the above charts will lead to 10x your profits?

The questions you should be ASKING and not follow blindly is HOW ARE ALL THIS INFORMATION GOING TO INCREASE YOUR PROFITS?

Don't simply assume what you read or told is the truth. Sometime they are not. Sometime partial truth. So explore and seek for the truth. That is your job.


Monday, March 23, 2020

REITs ... BONDs - Safe or Risky Instruments??? What were you told!!!!!

Back in the 1990s, I learnt that BONDS are NOT safe. When some Sales agent from unit trusts or mutual funds try to sell you some products or instruments, you will be told all the rosy pictures and leave you to imagine the garden of roses. Well in the garden of roses these agents FAIL to warn you there are THORNS in the garden.

Later came other instruments and a common product is the REITs. Again you will be promised Heavens. The REIT promoters and ANUSlyst will tell you the returns ... blah blah blah. Well to be honest, if there are any RISK FREE products, there won't be made available to you. The bankers would have bought them all.

The chart above is a few of the listed REITs in SGX. I don't need to explain anything.

When the market crashes, tell me what is SAFE???? CASH.

Old Dog says:

Know when to charge and when to retreat raising cash. Yes, there is a time to stay cash and a time to remain deployed.

Have a great week ahead