Sunday, February 9, 2014

TIME and PRICE ..... hmmmm

TIME and PRICE are two important components in maximizing opportunities. I have put TIME first and PRICE second in that priority sequence. The charts will have Time on the X-axis (Horizontal) and PRICE on the Y-axis (Vertical).

Time will continue to move forward irrespective of what happens! Price continue to move UP and DOWN provided the target stock trading is not SUSPENDED!

Quite sometime ago I mentioned about entry at $1.00 in a falling trend to 50c makes $1.00 expensive. But entry at $1.00 in a rising trend to $1.50 makes $1.00 cheap! IT is still the same $1.00 but entry at different timings. This is where a true blue chart analyst must differentiate from a hardcore economic financial analyst (always claimed to be fundamentalist).

When the time is right, any price is correct! When the time is ripe, whatever candle patterns and volumes are irrelevant! 

We can't change ocean tide and waves when the time for change comes. We can opt to ride along or stay put! A pro-surfer will not wade out to the water when the timing is not right to surf back to the shore! We are no different from them.

Yes, many will come and tell you the black box of price and timing! To spare yourself the agony, I will advise you to not waste time. To be able to successfully develop a holy grail black box, one of the assumption that your model has the ability to predict both linear and non-linearly. I wonder if such a system exist! If yes, why bother to sell or share? When you can make all the money in the world and keep it to yourself?

May you ride the stallion high this year!


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