Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winners are few and minority

You think and believe that you are a "technical analyst". What do you hope to achieve with your analysis? "TA" is synonymously associated with forecasting the future. Is that your objective?

My trading skills mature over the years evolving from looking for BUY-SELL signals, Overbought - Oversold to FORECASTING and finally analyzing the trend anatomy.

If you are reading reports or attending classes, tendency you will be focusing on signals, overbought, oversold, forecasting, not forgetting the volume and candlestick analysis with Fibonacci thrown in!

I like to use the analogy of someone blind feeling the details of the inner body without seeing and appreciating the physical beauty before grading the value!

When you are not making consistent profit following seminars, lectures and textbook materials religiously, you don't blame the market. There is something wrong with the technique and strategy you are using! It time you analyze the error and where did it go wrong. It is impossible for you to know why it went wrong. If you know the reason, you would not have made the wrong trades!

The exams you are taking is not University or school graded. You are now in the Professional Free For ALL exam which I call OPEN BOOK EXAM. Those who have taken Open Book Exam will admit it is much harder than close book exams.

I hope those who seriously wish, dream or wants to make good decent money remember that there is no free lunch and many love to take your lunch from your hands. You need to seriously put in effort to move up the ladder where winners are few and minority. 

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