Sunday, April 13, 2014

What R u Doing? Or What R u suppose to do?

The best part about making decision in the financial markets is  you can do either one of the following:



When and why do you want to SHORT or LONG? When and why do you want to SCALP or DO NOTHING?

If you can't feel the market pulse, whatever you do is no different from GAMBLING. Educated decision making means using available resources to minimize risk and increase return. There is no room for HOPE when you are making educated analysis. When you are gambling .... technically you are HOPING everything turn out alright.

When you can feel market pulse, you will know whether (1) or (2) is the right decision to take. Otherwise you will see your outcomes fluctuate between PROFIT and LOSSES. This confirms whatever you are doing is nothing but LUCK when it turns in your favor.

If you can consistently clock 80% profitable trades in frequency and value, you have got a winner. The only thing you need to do is to think if you want to turn your 20% loss into a winner. Understand why you record the losses and under what conditions. The next time you see or feel similar situation developing.... do not take positions if you do not have answer(s) or solution(s)!

You can't change GAME RULES but you can change the way you play within the rules to suit your style! 

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