Friday, May 30, 2014

Fortune teller .... or just plain lucky

I have been busy ... really busy ....super busy for the last 2 months re-organizing my business and ensure it is handled by the right people with the right skills.

RIGHT PEOPLE with the RIGHT SKILLS. Yes I mean if you have skills but not the right skills, how can you be the right people! The problem is many people with no skills or little skills and wrong skills think and act as if they are the right people or expert. You will end up with lots of people bullshit all over.

Many times I come across people who has a little bit of chart analysis acting like fortune tellers. These people enjoy the attention given by ignorant people. The fortune tellers spew out everything from their mouth as if the futures is dictated by them.

I have met many people over the years looking at me like a fortune teller especially after taking positions and in a losing status. Now these people are looking for shoulders to cry on. Someone to share their pain, silent agony and misery. Well, we are in a realistic, brutally cruel market. No mercy, no apologies. If these people are making money, well they will not be looking for someone to share their pains. They will ignore the rules of the game.  

Let market takes it's course, no amount of soul searching will ease your pain if you are losing.

Have I make predictions? YES, but I think it is irrelevant. It is merely for the fun to know I still have the ability to predict

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