Friday, June 20, 2014


The actions of US Govt restricting USA entities and individuals with foreign accounts is the beginning of a new paradigm. Foreign banks slapped with heavy penalties is sending the signals to banks and account holders. I do not know which part of the Banking & Financial acts were violated but definitely something is brewing!

Where is the money in the offshore accounts going? Back to USA?

Other than MNCs and US citizens operating businesses or employments, opening accounts offshore will be closely scrutinized.

Probably somewhere, someone has been tracking the total "USA" offshore funds which must be substantial and someone is forcing to bring back this funds.

I do not know the agenda and how it will impact global markets but definitely and hopefully something will turn out positively. Otherwise we can wait for negative outcomes.

IF these funds were to be repatriated back to USA, where will it reside? Bank? Dividends? Share buy back? ....Some of these or all of these?

Maybe soon we can expect capital gain tax on investments .... when the govt decided that this is a new way to find money!!!!   

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