Sunday, November 16, 2014


In general, human wants to have a crystal ball or magic mirror that can tells the answer accurately in advance WHERE and WHEN. It is this desire that sets the stage for the fall of every market participants if not carefully and properly managed.

The first and most common question when you meet someone in a seminar is ... WHERE IS THE MARKET GOING TO TURN? Expecting a precise and accurate reply. A private conversation is never short of the same topic! When will this people start doing their homework and put a little effort to understand what market is all about and how it operates!

Whatever technique or system one utilize in the quest, there will be a period where the system will not work perfectly. IT is this period of draw down that makes the users disillusioned and start looking else where.

There are times when all the instruments will move in unison and at times decoupled from each other due to reasons published later.

To successful exploit markets, we need to approach the venture holistically and understand our objectives and analyze if our strategy is consistently reliable for us to deploy not to mention it must be comprehensible and simple.

Again human has the tendency to complicate matters until it is illogically incomprehensible leading one only see the tree but fails to see the forest! Microscopic analysis!

Until we are able to understand ourselves and map out a logical sensible road map, we will remain lock in yo-yo situation full of frustrations and agony. Fear when we take positions!

The greatest enemy is not the market or the intervention but OURSELVES! Our inability to understand our needs lead us to develop or follow methods that mismatch our INNER and the MARKET.

Do we use intra day data? Do we use End of Day? Do we use Elliot Wave? ETC .... Do we LONG? DO WE SHORT? Forget about trying to predict the market when we don't even know ourselves!     

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