Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple Thing

Finding opportunities in markets is never a difficult. It is we as human who makes things difficult with complicated approach. 
The ideas of adding many ingredients (economics and esocentric charting techniques) to a simple recipe results in a disastrous product. 

The most simple as basic question one should address is why is pricing continually moving in the same direction and reverse or pause? What is encouraging this behavior?

Most people are only keen to look for leaders to follow, to predict the TOP and LOW. Predicting is easy. Will the predicted levels be achieved, surpassed or not is not for us to determine. Market will decide. 

The only TRUTH I know is as long as there are people willing to buy higher, price will continue to rise and vice-versa. Can it be anymore complicated or simpler? NO. That is the truth.

The follies of people trying to find the secret formula can never be found as long as the basic truth is not understood. 

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