Sunday, July 26, 2015

Financial Market Enterpreneur - CAN YOU ???????

It has been quite a few months since I last penned my blog. I was busy trading the CBOT and FX markets. Too many books have been written about the QUICK FIX to successful trading. No one dare to mention the path is full of booby traps, robbers and killers. It dawned to me that too many materials covered WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO instead of WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO DO!!!! IF you can eliminate what you are not suppose to do, the rest is you are permitted to do!!!!!! Do not look NEGATIVITY in a bad light. Look it from the positive angle and you shall see TRUTH in a different dimension.   

Can you fellow traders are able to discard the mentality of BUY or SELL signals? 

Can you be interested to understand TREND? 

Can you be less engrossed with PREDICTIONS? 

Can you seriously commit to LEARNING? 

Can you sit back and feel safe with open positions?  

Can you unlearn and let go the mental garbage or obstacles?

Can you look at the macro and not the micro?

Can you weather the storm?

Can you be less impulsive?

Can you trust a reliable system faithfully?  

The more NO ,,, the less likely you are able to succeed as FINANCIAL MARKET ENTREPRENEUR.  

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