Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank you - MARKET

Trading has taught me a lot of things in life. A lot of self -control, anger management, discipline, patience, money management and most important is great faith in my own proven reliable plus profitable system.

As I progress along, I have removed FEAR and replace it with CONFIDENCE knowing I am relying on a system that I developed. Yes, it takes time and patience to allow market to finally react to my system.

Yes, I no longer react to all sort of signals but only to major signals that are SIGNIFICANT worth acting upon.

Yes, I no longer have to act on the news streaming the media.

Yes, I no longer depend on the numbers. 

Yes, I no longer have any uncertainty when I take positions.

Yes, I no longer think of short term gains for I am only reacting to volatility.

Yes, as I mature with market, my confidence, skills and money managements comes automatically.

Thank you MARKET for you have hone me to be sharp in my decision making. For all I have to walk through, I have never regretted but appreciate the pains.

Thank you, for now you are my ATM.    

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