Tuesday, February 9, 2016


It has been sometime since I last penned a few lines. Market has been kind to me over the last years. I have been trading international markets covering Grains (CBOT), SOYOIL (CBOT), WTI(NYMEX),GOLD (COMMEX), EURO USD and SP500.

Yes, I have been trading these products like a MACRO Fund. Movements in these products and unlike most people confining themselves to local products like CPO or FKLI.

A global products are least subjected to manipulation unlike local "close" products. I like 24h non-stop trading products during weekdays and doing my homework during weekends.

It has been a very busy period and profitable as well.

Some of the common issues that crop up frequently is MENTAL, MONEY and SYSTEM. Which is first and last? In my opinion, one can have a strong mental but without a good profitable and consistently performing profitably with yo-yo results, I wonder how long one can run and operate on MENTAL BANK RESERVES?

With a good reliable and consistently profitable system in place, one can confidently AUTOMATICALLY operate with peace of mind and confidence! Finally, comes the money risk management that you will need to calculate.

It is common to hear the statement - IF I HAVE THE FUNDS, I will be able to achieve This and That. Well, if you do not have THE system in place, whatever fund size will be tossed down the drain.

The analogy of having a good system is like owning and driving a car knowing it will not breakdown, stop when you want and turn as you wish not forgetting starting each time it is suppose to without dying on you while you are driving.


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