Saturday, September 3, 2016


If we talk to anyone who has vested interest in equities or futures market, all we can hear is are following:

1. Is this the level (price) to sell?
2. Is this the level (price) to buy?
3. What is a good price?

How often do we hear the following:


TIME! Yes, this is the most critical component that nearly almost no one ever consider the importance of timing.

All the people in the "fraternity" never talks about TIME!!!

I do not understand why no one that I know even bother to ask TIME. I guess no one even bothers to consider the importance of TIME.

Maybe due to the fact that people in general are brain washed that one can't time the market successfully and consistently.

For it is written in the Bible ..THE IS A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING or more simply, there is a time for everything.

We often hear this statement - WHEN the time is ripe, everything will fall in places.

As I ponder over all the different "wisdoms" and "sayings" over the years over the last weeks, I reflected upon this words for encouragement as I move up and on to the next phase of my trading journey.

It is time for me catapult to the next level and it is NOW. It is time for me be reminded that the OCEAN is wide and waiting for me to sail.

I trust market will continue to teach and guide me in the years to come and time will be my light.

Good luck and Happy Trading.  

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