Friday, February 8, 2019

CPO ..aka Crude Palm Oil ... not oik oik oik....

The trend of product is best mapped on the weekly trend IF you are a long term trader. If you are calling yourself investor than you better off using the monthly chart!!!!.

Appreciate the beauty of the chart and you can see it moves within a certain range.

Candles? Where? ,,,, Volume? .... Where ???? Fibonacci? .... Where???

Just a simple plain old weekly chart is more than sufficient. No need to microscope analysis unless you are a INTRA DAY hourly chart trader!!!! LOL

Does the price trend OUTSIDE the Blue band frequently????

That means most of time, the blue band give you the range. Only super emotional extreme drives the price OUTSIDE the band during UP and DOWN trend. Otherwise it trends within the blue band range most of the time.

The simpler the less make up applied on the face ... the more beautiful she looks.   

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