Monday, November 18, 2019

What are you trying to do in the market and portfolio?

The key advantage of living through 30+ years now in the financial market graduating across different markets applied different techniques with different time frames is I have the real life experience what trading/investing/speculating markets is all about.

Trading/Speculating/Investing all have one and the only bottom line objective = PROFITS! Call it whatever you want, it means all the same to me!!!

There are multi-variate techniques and strategies to achieve profits. The key to making profits is all about Timing, I mean correct timing to make your ENTRY. What about EXIT? Well EXIT is least of a problem if one can ensure the ENTRY timing is correct.

To main objective is to minimize holding period after ENTRY. When this is achieved, only than we talk about PROFITS. IF the entry is wrong, we are not talking about profits but losses and capital preservation.

Most of the time the issue is inability to differentiate; exploit and comprehend the opportunities across different time frames. When we can resolve this, than we can move on to the next step regarding HIGHER TIME FRAME TRENDS.

It is like watching CowBoys riding on the back of the wild horse before taming the horse.  

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