Saturday, February 1, 2020

Where is the story of the next bull ... or bear or pig or goat ... RATS!!!!!

Sooner or later the next 1 or 2 months you are going to hear all the bullish anuslyst starting to write the next bullshit. The real truth about both rising and falling markets are they happen all the time and everytime. There is nothing new to expect of this cycles. The only new things to expect is the bullshit and farts will continue.

The reason why market goes up lie in a very simple economic explanation. As long as someone is WILLING to pay more or higher price, it will continue to go up. When there are no buyers willing to pay higher, the rise stops. BUT when buyers are only interested to buy lower and not higher, that is when price start to pause working together with sellers who are willing to sell lower, the decline starts to run until the end.

This is exactly how market works despite all the bullshit news you read in the media with all the fancy juicy headline.

Again and again this rubbish repeats, when price go up ... it will be for some reasons. When price drops, it will switch to a different reason to justify.

Recently, CPO run up, all one hear is ... Biodiesel, ... biodiesel .. biodiesel... China demand. Suddenly... crash .... why ... WOOOOHUN..... India ban ... blah blah blah .... all the anuslysts are interested is to write some fancy headline for them to justify their presence.

30+ years of this bullshits in the market, I seen enough to know the modus operandi of the anuslyst and the market trends. 

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