Friday, May 22, 2020

Microtrend analysis or Macroscopic Analysis

Everything that we see with our eyes are made up or comprise of smaller building blocks. Human are made of up cells. Trends are also made up of smaller blocks with smaller time frames.

The smaller the time frames we use to analyze the market trends the more numerous blocks we can see and move small range volatility. The bigger time frame will produce less volatility but bigger range move. Smooth but bigger range.

When we sit back and look at the past trying to understand the future, there is nothing new that we don't know or we have not seen.

All trends irrespective of time frames ... intra day seconds minutes hours or daily weekly monthly quarterly and even monthly will only tells you that all trends meaning including all different products or instruments will have 3 options to BEHAVE

UP .. or DOWN .. or SIDEWAY. and the trend will alternate among the three. It is as simple as that.

Than we have a situation of many attempts to predict or forecast the levels ....Well that is what we human loves to do.

There is never enough.

Again this comes in 3 like the trends .. sometime my forecast fails ... sometime it is on the dot ... sometime it exceed my forecast.

The truth is I don't control the market and neither I believe anyone has the capability. At most we just give our 2sen worth of comments. Just don't come to claim your losses from me.

As a decent long term meaning weeks and months instead on my past intra day or daily trades, I focus on the higher time frames and longer trends. Get my accounts line up to buffer the volatility and exit when the trend change.

It becomes more boring but I am now free of gluing my eyes to the screen.


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