Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Price - Time chart .... the miracle or ?????

The only thing that the Price chart CANNOT do is Financial Analysis!!!

The chart records what has happened. This include insiders and outsiders. The hopefuls and the despairs.

We are suppose to try understand what has evolved, what is most likely to happen next and beyond.

Yes, it is the best tool for me to guide me as I tread the water. 

What we need to understand and accept is that market move NOT in a linear straight line that makes perfect predictions into the future very very very difficult. Market move wildly at times swinging at different speed or tangent and at time it is resilient range side way. Since we know these are the only 2 behavior of the market trend, than it is easier to anticipate the trend cycle. The only greatest challenge to the cycle trend is to pin point which stage the current state versus the overall.

Once you have the ability, capability, skills and experience to locate the status of the cycle the rest will be easy.

Instead of wasting time wandering in the wilderness, going directly to the source or the center of all trend, one will avoid making mistakes and wasting time contaminating your mind with rubbish      


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