Monday, February 17, 2014

Buffalo or Eagle

Most (nearly all) human automatically knows and will not stop from complaining A to Z about almost everything wallowing in sorrows like a buffalo wallowing in the paddy field. Instead one should be thinking productively and constructively how use all the resources available and turn things around.

One must able to stop wallowing like a buffalo and think constructively you will soar like an eagle. BTW buffalo love to wallow together as herd. Eagle loves to fly and soar alone!

Bad and dangerous habits or behavior that will not help you to better yourself financially should be eradicated assuming you are reading this blog in hope of improving your financial wealth.

Can we see adversity and opportunity? Can we make adversity into opportunity?

There are many examples I can show you how to make full use of the resources available and not adversity. I have shown only in previous posting one of the many examples that I use to insulate myself and how you can also explore that avenue.

Back in 1989, I was involve in brain-storming sessions. Proceeding to the next level of thinking outside the box. This was the days when I was still in Corning Inc. NY., with all the catchy words. The whole idea is forget problems but focus on what are the possible solutions. What are the viable solutions? What are the implementable solutions? This simple concepts are applicable across everything we do.

Call me a skeptic when other people tell me a "story" about the short cut to prosperity. I have to experience it myself to believe with a money-back guarantee. The simple rationale is if the story teller is not able to provide me with a money-back guarantee, that tells how much that person's faith in his or her own story!   

Why would want to trade for a living when you can aim to trade to prosperity? Aim for A grade you might end up with a B. IF you aim for B, you can end up with a C! The choice is yours!         

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