Sunday, February 16, 2014


We have more than sufficient data available to do what we want and hope to achieve. The problem is that most people do not have the proper mindset and strategy to achieve the results.

I like to equate trading or investing to cooking. Cooking is my hobby. The final product depends on the raw materials and the skill of the chef. Sometime I like my soup to be quick boiled and other time I prefer it to be double boiled which takes a longer time. Other maybe slow cook crock pot! Same ingredients but different end results,

There is no need to be concerned how other view your products since it is safe and edible for your own personal consumptions. There is no need to be concerned if other trash your technique as long as it is profitable and suit your risk appetite.

Focus on your own requirements. I have shown how you can pseudo-hedge property with proxies from stocks. There are many things you can do with stocks, commodities and currencies. You are the chef. You have a BRAIN that is God given without having to pay for it. Make full use of it.

During early part of my employment history I was involve in PATENTED chemical products like medicines and pesticides. If there is one thing that I can conclude, NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL YOU THEIR SECRET FORMULA. If it is a generic product, the patent has expired!

Be realistic and stop dreaming. IF you think you are going to learn the secret formula and recipe going to class, seminars or subscribing for those alert services, you are either plain dumb or deniable not willing to take responsibility for your mistakes.

Over the years, I have evolve and grown from an intra day scalper to short term and ultimately now a long term trader. I only take positions when the TIMING and Risk Reward Ratio is acceptable.

It is better to focus on a few stocks that suit your objective of buying stocks. I will only want to buy and hold stocks that are due to go for a bull run. I do not want to buy stocks that are in the initial stage of falling. It is better to wait till it is near the end of a fall (TIMING). PATIENCE KILLS THE CAT! You need to have lots and lots of patience. If your are tempted for a quick kill defying your long term objective, sooner or later you will die by the sword.

Unless you have a strategy that can allow you to blend both short and long term trade.   

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