Friday, March 28, 2014

Secret - Trials and Errors

One of the mandatory subject which I had to pass as part of the course requirement for Bachelor Agric Sc from UPM was Plant Breeding and Genetics. I took this subject back in 1982 conducted by Prof. Yap Thoo Chai and Prof Cheah. I was not interested in the 4-years degree program but what the heck I need a degree to start off! The main thrust of the subject was how to select plants and “cross-breed” to achieve according to the characteristics that you want ensuring the final product carries only the dominant genes desired.

Plant breeding involves “selection”, “breeding” and “selection”, “breeding” and “selection”, “breeding” and “selection”, “breeding” for many cycles until we get the final “breed”. It is the process of selection, discarding and breeding till it is “pure” (distillation). 

I have transferred this academic education into financial markets with numerous trials and errors until I obtain the formula that I needed with the objective of achieving CONSISTENT PROFITABLE trades.

1 Understand the indicators. 2. Understand what the indicators are measuring. 3. Selecting the indicators I am comfortable. 4. Determine the suitability of indicators for UP-DOWN – SIDEWAY market. 5. Fine tune the indicators. 6. Test the indicators across different time frames. 7. Test the indicators for different markets. 8. Re-tune. 9. Re-tune and 10. Re-tune until I can select indicators that is RELIABLE and CONSISTENT.

It is no secret that there is no short cut except numerous trials and errors.

How one looks and dissects the trend is entirely up to the individual and experience.     

Next month will be the first time B. Agric Sc (UPM) - Class of 1985 will meet. Long 29 years wait! 

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