Sunday, August 16, 2015


The biggest and most fatally dangerous FLAW of the stock pickers is the MICROSCOPIC MYOPIC strategy scanning for stocks with 1001 reasons why one should be buying stocks IGNORING the declining MACRO picture.

In my 20+ years of swimming in the pool call FINANCIAL markets, I rather hold cash and hedge my cash funds. I am not going to waste my time and effort to scan for so called fundamental strong or defensive stocks. How many stocks can resist the poor sentiment and buck the trend? Only idiotic fools will continue to think one has found the DIAMOND since gold is also thrashed.

I will only come into the market provided I am certain the sentiment has reached its climax and limited downside. For now ... only time will decide when and where is the bottom.

Did Gamuda rise after the series of so called favorable news???? Go and check your charts how Gamuda has behaved over the last 3 months. It is utterly pure BULL SHIT. How can a "good" stock in a market like this drop with the favorable reports all over????

I don't know how more stupid can so called INVESTORS be!!!!

Rowing against the current versus rowing with the current. Simple yet very difficult to implement.

For now the BEAR is in control .... you want to get mauled by the bears.... go ahead or you are smarter to ride the BULLS.

The psyche of stocks owners are BULL all the time and dam hard to change the mindset unless BULL FART and BULL SHIT hit them    

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