Monday, August 24, 2015

Stock pickers --- Congrats

Now I want to see how many great stock pickers are there in a situation of global rut. Let us see how many of this myopic pickers or pricks can withstand the rut.

Sure there will be rebound or someone idiotic analysts want to call them a technical rebound in an oversold market. Guess what this bunch of pricks don't even understand the macro and happily recommend stocks. It is time you guys sue this analysts for the recommendations.

Well, how many are willing to prepare for a rut like this? Everyday spew rubbish buy recommendations. There is a time for BUY and SELL.

In a declining market, how many stocks can be spared of this rut? NEARLY NONE except those suspended!!!!

Sure the time to buy will come... and I will be happily buying when it come.


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