Friday, August 21, 2015


It is easy to blame others for current fiasco. It is easy to shout at the Govt to fix the ringgit. The Honest truth is YOU. It is not the responsibility of Govt. to help you manage any potential risk due to currency volatility. YOU know what payments to be made in future. It is your duty to protect and act accordingly.

Pay for imports ... Pay for educations ...All this requires foreign currencies. Did you buy forward as hedge? Or you are paying the price for NO WORRIES attitude. Tarak apa LO!

Defending currencies is the most expensive exercise which not necessarily win and most cases proven to be fatal.

Human are good to blame others while refuse and fail to protect what is needed. In one word.....


As for stock traders or investors, these are what I call as MYOPIC people. Fail to see the forest only look at the trees.

The motion has been set since the start of USA QE. Yet day and night you read those stupid incompetent analysts explaining 1001 reasons why USD should crash. Well the almighty USD prove otherwise. Now let us see the same people are singing a new tune and lyrics.

There is a time for everything. The time now is to enjoy the good blockbuster while we are only in the thriller part of the show.

May you keep your job if you are an employee. May you keep your salary and forget bonuses.

We are going to end 2015 with a gangbang. 

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