Friday, October 2, 2015

HAZE and CPO ...

ASEAN consumers should and must boycott CPO if they want to live in a CLEAN air environment. There is no other choice. How long can we sacrifice our health for this greedy planters???

The commentary by experts (CPO) is really a joke and some of the planters who do not have agronomy training is a big joke. Not to forget many many many writers happily parroting away haze and CPO bull run.

Ask any agronomist regarding LIGHT effect on plants propagative and vegetative growth. You will be surprised to know that more light actually cause plants to remain vegetative phase more than propagative (flowering) state!

Plants NEED day (light) and night (darkness) to be able to grow and flower. Most tropical plants are in need of short days to induce flowering. This haze reducing light intensity is good to induce NON-LEAFY plant to flower. IN SHORT IT IS GOOD FOR PALM TREES TO FLOWER.

Without sufficient light, the trees are subjected to "stress" and this alter the natural flowering regulators in the system. Leafy vegetables without sufficient light will grow flowers in a short period before harvesting.

When you have NON-QUALIFIED AGRONOMIST to start barking about FFB and haze, you are being misled. To make matter worst are planters who are SENIOR barking the same shit from their mouth.

In the absence of light, chemical like Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) are used to control both flowering and non flowering stage of plants including DURIAN Trees!

I hope the Senior Planters have data to back up that production actually drops after the haze period by 20%.

Now you know why Malaysian love to bark and howl without proper data to support what they spew.

Back in the 1980s, I was doing research on LIGHT and GA3 (gibberellic acid) to control plants vegetative and flowering. Definitely MORE LIGHT MEAN LESS FLOWERING!!!! To artificially control the plants from growing, I used GA3 to induce flowers. In the absence of light, GA3(natural)

ENJOY THE CPO DRAMA and know when to get out when this haze show is over.

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