Saturday, March 26, 2016


The global financial markets are in a complete confusion and not reacting to the supposedly funnymental actions. We will need more QE related events to cause currencies to strengthen. EURO n YEN ...QE events. Since the last talk of QE in Euro and Yen, these currencies have appreciated significantly. Similarly, after USD QE , the USD has appreciated versus the rest. Does it makes any sense if you abide by the economic financial theory????

The only commodity that has gained much over the last 3 month is GOLD. Well the bottomline is everything moves in cycle irrespective what BS hits the newswire. We can have a temporary diversion but it is only TEMPORARY before the prevalent major trend regain position.

How long can USD retreat before it regain its posture?What will happen to stocks? .... What will happen to the rest of the markets when USD regain strength?

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