Sunday, April 10, 2016

The SECRET SYSTEM... a consideration.

Why are market participants very preoccupied to PREDICTING market? The levels market will reach, the turning points and most of all the ego stroking and chest beating that he or she can PREDICT the market. Do we or Can we seriously make money consistently predicting markets?

The key reason one is so dam adamant about predicting market is EGO. Predicting market is SEXY.

I had my fair share of hits and misses predicting markets. Depending on the techniques or approach, one will swear ... THIS IS IT THIS TIME!!!

An IDEAL system is RELIABLE and delivering consistent profits EVERYTIME. An ideal system should remove emotion from your decision making. A ideal system must be easy to follow and simple.

IF one can develop an IDEAL system, it should work across all time frame and all products.

This IDEAL system should have the ability to tell you the TREND DIRECTION and desirably measure the TREND momentum. Is the trend gaining momentum, holding or losing momentum?

Once you have develop this IDEAL PERFECT system, what is the highest time frame that you will use to determine the "HIGHER/LONG TERM TREND"? The volatility noises resulted from "LOWER/SHORTER TERM TREND" represents scalping or quick draw opportunities.

Do you want to focus on the LONG Term Trend or seek thrill with the SHORT Term volatility?

It is highly unlikely someone will be very generous to reveal or bare their SYSTEM to you. Be serious who will share their secret formula and system with strangers!!!!

The hardest part is incorporating TREND ANATOMY into the system. Understanding the trend anatomy should place you ahead knowing what is next MOST LIKELY action.

Elliot Wave Theory attempts to ANATOMIZE the trend in a FIXED SEQUENCE. This is a very dangerous approach. The concept of trend anatomy is philosophically CORRECT but giving a fixed sequence to the trend is DANGEROUSLY FLAW.

IT is true each and every trend has certain behavioral patterns but NEVER fixed in price and time actions. Trend moves and behaves like SEA WAVES. The intensity will be different across different products depending on "INTERESTS".

In summary, market is dynamic, manifesting itself either as a tame or a dangerous creature. It is up to you to tame this creature or continue to battle with the dangerous creature.

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