Thursday, May 12, 2016

TIMING - That is the NAME of the GAME

Looking back, it is my 24 years swimming in the markets. It has been a long journey and enjoying every moments learning new things along the way. The more I learn the more I conclude the whole game is about TIMING.

In fact this game is about CYCLE and cycle is timing! As long as the trend is NOT ripe for a rise, it will remain lack luster. When it is time to take off, the time is ripe, the trend will move irrespective of whatever news hit the market. When it is not time for the trend to end or reverse, every correction will be succeeded by higher high!!! Well the reverse is also true.

Forget the Bull SHIT story you will read or hear from the grapevine or news. A trend in motion will need a strong force to alter the direction. When the time is ripe for a change, change it will come even without any news! This is the beauty of market.

But as human, one will only scout and busy looking for news to try justify and explain the actions. I mean ACTIONS OF THE PAST!!!!

Let me be more blunt. Trend will move between HIGH and LOW as long as there are interests of buying and selling. This HIGH and LOW oscillation exists whether you or me are in the market. It will continue to alternate between HIGH and LOW. Yes sometimes, we experience EXTENDED move but this is not INFINITY move. It will reach a point and it will change. An extended move indicate the TIME is not ripe for a change.

YES, it is all about when the TREND is RIPE for a change and like Durian, when it is ripe, it will fall. Try eat unripe durian, see what happens!   

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