Wednesday, September 11, 2019

39 years journey or 40 to be exact!!!1

Looking back the almost 40 years journey, I never thought of the path ahead of me. The almost 4 decades of adventure. 40 years of learning, 40 years of sweet and bitter including sweats and tears. 40 years of the unexpected and expected events in life!!!

The theory in school and the experience in the real world. It is from the exposure and experience that I realize what I learn in school is only half right and what we is taught is school or outside is only half complete given that we are only exposed to the LINEAR knowledge of market cycle.

Maybe one day sometime in the future, a new subject incorporating physics concept of linear and non linear state into financial cycle will be taught in school. This will debunk and demystified classical economics and finance established in the academic circle.

Never imagined that I will end up trading all sort of instruments in the global exchange!!! Never thought of switching careers over the last 40 years.

Most of all, I expect to made so many discoveries about financial market cycles.

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