Tuesday, March 24, 2020

KLSE Reits .... Is it safer than Singapore REITS

Over the years, I learn to appreciate the beauty of long time frames. The above are some of the REITS in Bursa KLSE.

Again it shows when a market fall, nothing is insulated or protected.

Why my charts has no volume? If it is not there means it is NOT IMPORTANT and NOT Needed. Don't be a fool and follow blindly just because someone told you what the volume is suppose to be doing.

I have been trading for the last 30+ years without VOLUME  on my charts. Why would I add it now???

Do you think adding volume to the above charts will lead to 10x your profits?

The questions you should be ASKING and not follow blindly is HOW ARE ALL THIS INFORMATION GOING TO INCREASE YOUR PROFITS?

Don't simply assume what you read or told is the truth. Sometime they are not. Sometime partial truth. So explore and seek for the truth. That is your job.


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