Thursday, March 26, 2020

What do you do in a time like this and a market like that????

Well, as I sit over one of the normal events in the financial markets, I see this as a NORMAL event simply because I seen quite a few over the last 32 years.

Yes, I  did make some coffee money for some 3rd liners in Bursa KLSE. Given that this is a NORMAL event to me, I am immune to such volatility.

Bursa KLSE has about 2,000 listed instruments and plenty of rubbish products. The challenge is to identify 20 products or instruments which is about 1% to trade.

I have my own listed of 20 listed stocks that I trade or bargain hunt when the TIME is right.

My emphasis is on TIME and less on price. When the TIME is RIPE and RIGHT, price is IMMATERIAL.  I have my benchmark level for the prices. But if the TIME is NOT RIGHT and NOT RIPE, whatever prices is not going to help me make money soonest.

When the price is right but the TIMING is out of sync be  prepared to hold and wait out till the trend has change in your favor. Make sure your pockets are deep and your mental is strong to weather the storm or turbulence.

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