Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Elusive success? or Chasing shadows?

Why do we have inconsistent performance when make our moves in the market?

Inconsistent meaning we have profitable moves and losses.

Did we sit and reflect why such situation happen?

Is it due to knowledge? Skill? System? Time frames? 

I strongly believe it has least to do with knowledge because they are people who have been making money consistently over the years merely being lucky or just happen to be on the same page direction as the Trend direction. Plain lucky.

There is another group who are consistent winner because they have been deploying simple tools and system to be on the same page riding the trend direction on the same time frame.

If someone is experiencing yo-yo results, it is highly probable that, it is due to TIME frame selection. Switching erratically across different time frames losing focus on the main and major time frame trend and change.

While it is normal to claim and take self-credits for profits, but blame others for the losses, such behavior will only continue to produce mediocre and inconsistent results.

Until and unless one begins to accept and address the failures - THE CAUSE FACTOR, overcoming the hurdle will remain elusive and one can continue to chase own shadow         

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