Sunday, September 11, 2022

So many considerations - FUTILITY

Anyone who is literate and is NOT dormant in the financial markets, will be reading chapters of manuscripts about trading and investing with all sorts of ideas and recommendations. Irrespective whether one embark on the chart or classical financials, he or she is bound to develop list consideration points.

The essence to all the different approaches is we must accept and recognize that we all will make money only when our open positions are in the same direction as the trend.

We can have the most complicated and sophisticated analysis BUT if our positions are AGAINST the direction of the market trend, the answer is we will end up losing

It does not matter whether one use classical finance or charts or tossing a coin or even random choice, as long as our positions are NOT align with the prevailing trend directions, we will end up naked.

There are millions of traders and it is clear that there will be 2 different opinions within the same methodology.

The market trend direction is INDEPENDENT and not affected by any opinion except it's own directional force.

Over the years, I have come across people taking opinions disagreements personally and very vocal insisting their own analysis is correct and the truth.

One can provide the best analysis per text materials and not making money if one is NOT in the same direction with the market trend.

One can merely analyze the market direction nothing complicated or sophisticated and place the positions in the direction of the existing trend direction walking away with profits.






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