Saturday, January 13, 2024

Discover the truth and facts.

Any attempt to reach the ultimate state is no easy path and definitely not a smooth sailing journey.

This journey involves not only patience, commonsense, endurance and most critical is detail observations that is NOT obvious to the naked eyes. If all this cannot be packaged correctly, no amount of money can help one to succeed in this journey.

There so many trials and errors, back testing and re-testing, lots of homework and more homework for one to polish and hone the skills.

How can one find the "right" formula without all the above? Impossible. 

I do not know if I am lucky or unlucky to take this long journey but I am glad I took the journey and reach where I am today.

This journey is a process of self-discovery and also a lot of self-questioning and thinking along the way not to accept this as they are or as they are told to us. Without such personal challenges, one will end up learning about the market as if reading and memorizing from text.

To grow and to develop, evolve and meta-morph into a NEWself, a lot has to challenge the premise of status-quo until it is proven to be unquestionable. 

A lot of this has to do with own personality and people around us (if we feel they are of assistance).

When one has the ability to think and to list down all the questions, than it is more likely one to succeed. But when one resign to the fact that there is nothing much to learn and status quo, well one has reach the end of the road in the tunnel.

Every year  I set out my objective on what I want to learn and achieve. Once the agenda is set, I will draw up my plan and road map. Mid year will be my first evaluation and tweak if need to ensure the progress is not distracted.End of the year will be a full evaluation. 

The key are that I normally target is about productivity and efficiency in terms of holding periods and capital utilization. I know there will a level where any extra effort  will NOT improve anything at all. Such state exist in ALL working process.

Staring at the price quotes will not change anything. Looking at the charts will not alter the future. Only by taking the effort to plot the different scenarios on paper and to back test will be the start of the journey to discover the truth and facts.

I didn't have the privilege of showing my work to others for none of the people around me are of the same realm. It was a long and lonely journey. But it was worth it!     



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